Take Your Resolutions One Step at a Time

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We are halfway through January already which means you’ve definitely started working towards your New Year’s resolutions, right?… If you answered no, you’re not the only one. It can be difficult to get yourself motivated to accomplish new goals. Sometimes when we see our goals, they seem light-years away – and that can be pretty daunting. We live in an instantaneous world where if we want something, we can have it in seconds. Want a pizza in 20 minutes? Just quickly order it on an app. Want to find out how tall the Eiffel Tower is? Just ask Siri or Alexa or Google. Our world is instant – but our goals are not. We can’t just download an app that will accomplish our resolutions for us. So, what can we do to make our goals more achievable?

Break down your resolution.

You can see the first step and you can see the last step…but what about all the steps in between? Monumental goals are just a collection of small steps you’ve taken, so lay out a path for yourself. Take a moment and write down each step you need to take in order to reach your goal. By breaking each stage down for yourself, it will make your goal appear more attainable. For larger or monumental goals, they can’t be achieved in a day. Let’s say you’re planning on losing weight but have yet to get motivated. Here is an example of what your list might look like:

  1. Find the right gym and join with membership.
  2. Work with a trainer and discuss workout programs and diet changes.
  3. Schedule in a calendar when you will be attending the gym (and stick to that schedule!).
  4. Look into different classes that might interest you (yoga, cycling, cross-fit, etc.).

With a long-term goal such as getting in shape, people can get discouraged because they may not see results right away. Again, long term goals don’t happen overnight. Be patient with yourself. When you plan big goals, expect them to take months or even a couple of years to accomplish.

Why are you doing this in the first place?

Don’t lose sight of why you want to accomplish your goal. Your big reason as to “why” you want to reach your goal is usually very clear. How about for each step though? What is the importance of each step you’re taking? Break down each step even further by listing why you need to do what you’ve listed to complete that step. For example, in the above list, step 2 is important because by working with a trainer, they can give you the right knowledge to customize a workout routine and food plan for you that is going to help you reach your goal weight. If there is something on your list and you can’t think of a good reason why it’s there, then you may need to revisit your list.

When you look at a painting such as Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh from far away, it is a beautiful piece of artwork. However, if you really examine it, you can see it’s just a collection of carefully placed paint strokes. Your goals are the same thing. From far away, goals are almost untouchable, but up close they are just a collection of steps you took to accomplish that wonderful work of art. Walk confidently into the new decade and let your resolutions be a reality. All you must do is take the first step to reach new heights.

“I dream of painting and then I paint my dream.” – Vincent Van Gogh