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“Every year for roughly 40 years, our firm holds a client appreciation event for roughly 150 people, where we specifically aspire to not overtly promote ourselves but to genuinely demonstrate our thankfulness for their enduring patronage. To do that, we generally seek to provide a speaker who will relate, show interest, and, if fortunate, even inspire. Since we hold dearly our stated corporate values of honesty, humility, dedication, and a sense of family and community, it is always critical for us that we obtain a speaker that can personify and reinforce these values. Frankly, it is no easy feat to achieve. However, I am very thrilled to say that this past year, our choice of speaker, Mr. Alan Mallory, surpassed even these most challenging objectives. Alan’s presentation was truly inspiring, and he shared his story in a way that promoted achievement through effort, courage, planning, and dedication. It was easy to see that Alan’s values are very much in alignment with those we seek to promote throughout our company, and I was very proud to have him represent us in front of so many of our long-standing clients on a night that required just the right touch between entertainment and inspiration. I would heartily recommend Alan for any organization or group seeking real-life examples of extraordinary and unique achievements being done by someone who most of us can both relate to and enjoy.”

John Burnside

President | R. J. Burnside & Associates Ltd.

“On behalf of the entire group at C3, I can’t thank you enough. What an incredible night on so many levels! A spectacular speech, making this year’s banquet perhaps the best in our 21-year history!”

Barrie Shepley

President | Personal Best Health and Performance

“Alan Mallory’s inspiring presentation and workshop session for our health and safety week was a great success! His message was very well received by our team of construction managers and was a perfect fit with our focus on strategic planning and risk management. Through Alan’s facilitation of organized group discussions, our team also benefited by examining our own challenges and ways for continuous improvement in our organization.”

Melissa Doyle

Health, Safety, and Environmental Specialist, Voith Hydro Inc.

“Thank you again for such a great presentation and workshop! It was enjoyed by all and allowed our members to explore technical challenges in a unique and beneficial way. The workshop discussions promoted innovative thinking and provided an effective forum for generating ideas and examining some of the common problems we are faced with in our professional work. As well, your enthusiasm and genuine desire to make this event work for us were greatly appreciated. It was one of the most engaging programs we have had the privilege of hosting, and I want to express our sincere gratitude.”

Anastasia Ledwon

B.Sc., P.Geo. | Past Chair, Northern Branch of the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of BC

“We were very pleased to have Alan speak at our annual staff recognition event. More than 250 of our staff members listened with rapt attention as he told the incredible story of his family’s adventure to reach the summit of Mount Everest. His descriptions of the experience brought the sights, sounds, tastes, and smells of Nepal to life as we journeyed with the Mallorys from Kathmandu to Base Camp, across the rickety ladder bridges to the top of the world. Alan’s message highlighted the importance of strategic planning, goal-setting, and teamwork, all of which resonated well with our team of public health professionals. I would recommend him to any organization seeking to entertain and inspire their team to set lofty goals and dream big.”

Dan Flaherty

Communications Manager, Middlesex-London Health Unit

“The Ontario Hospital Association has had the privilege of featuring Alan Mallory as the closing keynote speaker at four of our conferences thus far, and we could not be more pleased with the feedback we have received. Alan is a dynamic and engaging speaker who captivates the entire audience with his inspiring message and stage presence. The profound impact that Alan made was evident by the laughter and tears expressed by many of the attendees at different points throughout his presentation. We could all relate to the deeply human experience of wrestling through the hardships and sorrows we are faced with and the feeling of triumph and satisfaction when we finally succeed. It has been a pleasure working with Alan, and I highly recommend him to any organizations looking for a great speaker to energize, inspire, and ensure a successful event.”

Iva Stankovic

Program Manager, Ontario Hospital Association

“Thank you, Alan, for delivering such an engaging and entertaining workshop for our school district! Your philosophy of focusing on outcomes rather than individual tasks was a key takeaway and one I have referenced many times since. I have also incorporated your insights on the importance of effective communication, developing a support network, capitalizing on opportunities, and proactively managing change. It has been a pleasure working with you, and your program was a truly enlightening experience for our team of education professionals.”

Tim Stefanishyn

Superintendent, School District of Whiteshell

“Thank you so much for such an insightful presentation! Our members were captivated by your incredible story and heartfelt delivery. The interactive discussion portion on strategic planning and leadership was also very valuable, providing us with practical tools and processes tailored for our industry.”

Hannah Chala

CMP | VP Education & Programs | Meeting Planners International, Calgary

“Alan gives an exceptional presentation. Our group thoroughly enjoyed hearing about his unique saga of determination. His engaging style and breathtaking visuals would intrigue any audience.”

Bud Wendorf

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Sargent & Lundy

“Thank you so much for sharing such an engaging and inspirational presentation at our PMI dinner event in September. Your talk was a truly captivating experience for our project managers, and the way you tied your message to the essential project management processes and knowledge areas was outstanding.”

Syed Ashraf

Workshops & Events Project Manager, Project Management Institute (PMI), Lakeshore

“While I have heard others speak and watched documentaries about the ascent to Base Camp, Alan’s talk about his journey to the top of the world is simply amazing and awe-inspiring. I have heard nothing like it before. Within the first 10 minutes, he literally blew past everything that we had heard before and took all of our 2014 Chapter Leader Conference delegates along with him on this journey of a lifetime. At several moments throughout his talk, I felt that I was holding my breath without knowing it because I was so engrossed in his incredible story. What really differentiated Alan from all other professional speakers we have had in the past is that he leveraged his experience and the events throughout his talk to bring home a few important concepts of communication excellence for all our delegates. For the second half of his time with our conference, Alan moderated an interactive session with our 100+ delegates where they discussed and presented ideas about how to improve communications within our own chapter system. From the feedback that was given, I can say that all of our delegates found that exercise to be extremely beneficial, especially when they were able to draw parallels from different aspects of Alan’s presentation to solve our own problems. To conclude, for the journey of a lifetime, the amazing pictures and story, and the interactive session about communications excellence, I recommend Alan wholeheartedly if you are looking for an incredible speaker with a great story to tell, a professional engineer, an adventurer, and an apt moderator of discussions that round off the whole Alan Mallory experience. Don’t walk… Run and book Alan now; you will not be disappointed.”

Matthew Ng

P.Eng., MBA, PMP | Manager, Chapters | Professional Engineers Ontario

“Alan Mallory’s presentation is captivating, and his story is inspiring for our employees. For a business audience, climbing Mount Everest is a metaphor for overcoming obstacles on the way to outstanding achievement. It shows the necessity of good planning, preparation, and training to reach lofty goals. It demonstrates the importance of teamwork and maintaining good relationships even when things get tough. Alan’s effective storytelling, accompanied by visuals from the actual trip, helped us all experience that climb and reach the top!”

Peter Kinver

Chief Operating Officer, Barrick Gold Corporation

“Thank you for sharing your insights and story with our PMI chapter. It was an amazing presentation with great lessons for project managers.”

Andy Miller

PMP | President | Project Management Institute (PMI), Northeast Wisconsin

“I wanted to take a moment to congratulate you on your successful adventure to the top of Mount Everest. I think your accomplishment is quite amazing, and I am proud that a local family has joined the relatively small group of people around the world to have achieved this quest. Congratulations once again, and please accept my best wishes for continued success.”

Jim Wilson

Minister of Provincial Parliament, Simcoe-Grey

“Alan delivers an outstanding presentation. He has presented at many of our offices around the world, and the results have been terrific. Alan has the unique ability to connect with the audience in a way that instills lasting purpose and inspiration. The positive feedback we have received says it all. A truly exceptional job well done!”

Tom Reid

Global Marketing Director at Hatch Associates

“Alan’s presentation was nothing short of outstanding! There are not many times in life we have a chance to climb step by step and witness the physical struggles, emotional and mental strains, and even spiritual conflicts of reaching our dreams. Like most in the room, I was captivated by the outer and inner strength needed to endure such a journey. Through Alan’s ability to convey to us his journey, along with awesome pictures and videos, we were all completely mesmerized. Moreover, through his experiences, he is able to relay the values, abilities, focus, and passion one needs to be successful in our work, home, and, more importantly, personal lives! I would highly recommend Alan as a speaker to almost any audience or age group. His message encompasses every aspect of life!”

Gary Laakso

B.A.MTS, CFP, CLU, CHFC, CHS | The Co-operators | Advocis Simcoe Muskoka

“On behalf of Lakefield and Area Probus Club members and guests who you held spellbound yesterday, thank you for coming and sharing your wonderful experience and family achievement of climbing Mount Everest. You gave us a unique, once-in-a lifetime, presentation. With magnificent photographs of the stunning Himalayas and beautiful personal shots of your family, we were able to feel like we were there with you. Your talk was beautifully delivered, and I think the agony and ecstasy of the entire over-two-month trek were felt by us all. We are deeply indebted to you, uplifted, and very proud. I have had many thanks and comments from members, such as “best talk ever,” “wherever did you find such a wonderful speaker?” “well delivered, clear diction, fantastic visual presentation, excellent presentation,” “his book is a gripping read,” “I want to buy his book, sorry I didn’t,” and more!”

Charlotte Oldham

Programming Chair, The Probus Club of Lakefield and Area

“You were a great success! ‘Best Yet’ and ‘Best Ever’ were the comments I received from our members, and I still have people in the club talking about how much they enjoyed your presentation. We had an exceptionally good group of speakers this year to date, and you are at the top of that list. I also very much enjoyed meeting you personally. It really is an inspirational experience to witness the courage of the individual members of your family. I want to express my sincere appreciation for your presentation.”

Jack Graham

Programming Chair, The Probus Club of Streetsville

“Alan’s presentation at the 2014 SHAD Cup could not have been more aligned with SHAD’s mission. His captivating photos and remarks showed that the keys to success in overcoming gigantic, complex challenges are self-confidence, courage, preparation, planning, building a high-performance team, determination, perseverance, and yes, some good luck helps too! Thanks, Alan, for sharing your family’s extraordinarily inspiring story, which will help SHAD empower exceptional youth by showing them what it will take to reach the summit of their Mount Everest and conquer a challenge that will make the world a better place.”

Barry G. Bisson

P.Eng. (NB) | President | SHAD

“Alan’s presentation was both exhilarating and informative! His storytelling is captivating, allowing his audience to truly visualize this extraordinary journey. Alan expertly demonstrates how the formation of trust is crucial, not only while climbing Mount Everest but in the workplace as well. Instead of flipping through a bunch of wordy PowerPoint slides, he shows you through pictures exactly why it is paramount to be able to build trusting relationships with others. The presentation ensures the audience’s engagement, as he provides raw and mesmerizing photographs and real video footage from the mountain, and he expresses the varying emotions one feels while attempting this grueling physical and mental challenge. Alan motivates, inspires, and encourages everyone to see the value in trusting others and taking time to establish positive relationships in the workplace. I highly recommend this presentation for its knowledge on the importance of increasing productivity and essential camaraderie in the workplace.”

Danielle Hagg

St. Albert & District Chamber of Commerce

“Alan just spoke at our local Advocis chapter of financial advisors, and he did a great job. He was able to tailor his presentation to suit the group, and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. His story was extremely motivating, and we were able to take that and then discover why building trust is so important in all of our relationships and with our clients. But more importantly, we walked out with a better understanding of how to build that trust. The feedback from our members was phenomenal. I would highly recommend Alan Mallory.”

Ken McNaughton

Program Chair, Brant/Norfolk Advocis

“Alan spoke at the PMI-NEW (Northeast Wisconsin) lunch and dinner presentations in November 2015. His Mt. Everest saga was fascinating, and his presentation style was engaging, allowing for sufficient audience participation and questions. His tie to project management principles was interesting and made more poignant with engaging personal stories of struggle and accomplishment. This was one of the few presentations where the subject was so interesting that you left wanting more.”

Patrick Sinnott

PMP, MPM, ACP | President Elect | Project Management Institute (PMI), Northeast Wisconsin

“I am pleased to extend my warmest greetings and congratulations to you on having reached the summit of Mount Everest. As a family, your shared love for the outdoors, coupled with a great passion for adventure led to this incredible journey. At an elevation of 8,848 metres, scaling the peak of Mount Everest is a daunting prospect, yet your family persevered. Your determination and strength of character as you pursued your goal serve as an inspiring reminder of what the human spirit can accomplish. I join with your colleagues and friends in extending my congratulations to you on this most impressive achievement. On behalf of the Government of Canada, please accept my best wishes for every success in your future endeavours.”

Stephen Harper

Prime Minister of Canada

“Alan Mallory’s presentation on his family’s incredible experience, that of reaching the summit of Mount Everest against seemingly insurmountable obstacles, made us ask ourselves, “How did a small club like ours manage to procure this phenomenal speaker?” Our membership was in complete awe as he engaged, inspired, and entertained us while he led us on his family’s journey via graphic visuals, all along emphasizing the extreme importance of teamwork through good planning, preparation (including predicting the risks and how to overcome them well in advance of the actual climb), training, complete trust of each member in every other member of the team, and exceptionally strong communication. We, as senior retired and semi-retired citizens, were so impressed with Alan and his message that I am sure all of us were saying to ourselves, “Yes, we are leaving our society in good hands with the likes of this outstanding young man!” Many of our members said that he was the best speaker we have ever had or could ever think of having. Thanks so much, Alan!”

Don Cooper

Program/Speakers | Probus Club of Brockville

“I really enjoyed your presentation this morning and found a great deal of relevance in it, particularly with respect to the 80-year-old Japanese climber. It gives me further proof and comfort that, at the age of 70, I need not retire but rather push on to greater heights! Thank you for your wonderful presentation and autographed book.”

Brian A. Harris

B.A., CFP, CLU, CH.F.C. | Harvest Insurance & Financial Services Inc. | Advocis Golden Triangle

“It was not only an inspiration to me but also to the young people in attendance. It is rare for a student body to sit in absolute silence during a presentation. However, this is the effect Alan Mallory had on his audience. The stunning still pictures and footage of Alan and his family summiting the highest mountain in the world were juxtaposed with Alan’s very down-to-earth manner and matter-of-fact account of the trek. His approach made students feel like they too could achieve the impossible.”

Russell Atkinson

Principal, Barrie Central Collegiate

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