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Summits of self

If you’re looking for an inspiring, insightful, and practical resource to help you reach your highest potential, let Alan Mallory’s “Summits of Self: The Seven Peaks of Personal Growth” be your guide.

This book uses the metaphor of mountain climbing to explore the inner obstacles that each of us faces as we strive to rise above our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual limitations and reach new heights in life.

Alan shares a path to success based on current research and personal stories from his personal and professional life, including his own mental health journey.

Structured around three mountains and seven “summit” areas—self-knowledge, self-motivation, self-balance, self-regulation, self-respect, self-realization, and self-actualization—Mallory offers practical ideas to help readers get in touch with the best versions of themselves. He also provides evidence-based advice on how to tackle the challenges faced at each summit.

Ron Tsang – Review

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I wasn’t sure I would enjoy a book about climbing a mountain, as I am afraid of heights and hate being cold, but I was so glad I did.

In fact, I read it in two days because I wanted to see how this family conquered Everest! Allan takes the reader with him on every step up that mountain, and the little tales from past family adventures are wonderful!

The “scuba” machine was the best! As a parent myself, I can only imagine the roller coaster of emotions Mr. Mallory went through doing this with his children.

I think my favourite thing was what Laura leaves at each summit she conquers! You go, girl!

Lisa – Review

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