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Alan Mallory is a thought leader on agile leadership, high-performance teams and cultivating mental fortitude. Combining his psychological and technological expertise with masterful storytelling and entertainment has captivated audiences around the globe.

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Alan Mallory Presentation
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Summits of Self by Alan Mallory

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“In Summits of Self, Alan takes you on a journey of self discovery full of hope and inspiration on every page. He introduces you to skills and strategies that will help you develop a road map for conquering the mountains you face in life.”

– Cathy Cavanagh, Director of Finance and Community Impact, Northumberland United Way

Focus Areas for Alan’s presentations and workshops

  • Improving Communication Effectiveness and Overcoming Communication Barriers
  • Developing a Stronger Level of Trust in Professional Relationships
  • Effective Methods of Dealing with Conflict and Adversity
  • Understanding Personality, Individual Difference and the Importance of Diverse Thinking
  • Influencing our External and Internal Focus and Attention
  • The Importance of a Strong Commitment, Resilience and Perseverance
  • Strategic Planning, Critical Thinking and Effective Decision Making
  • Improving Mental Health and Emotional Intelligence
  • Risk Identification and Response Strategies for Safe and Successful Results
  • Initiating, Managing and Embracing Change in Innovative and Productive Ways
  • Gaining Alignment and Improving Team Dynamics in the Workplace
  • Agile and Adaptive Practices in Leadership and Project Management
  • Innovation, Creativity and Stepping Outside of Our Comfort Zones
  • Inspiration to take on the next Challenge in our Projects, Businesses and Personal Lives
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In today’s digital world, our lives are intertwined with screens and technology more than ever before. The consequence? An increase in social isolation. My wife and I have three young kids and we can relate to the challenge of limiting screen time, when it’s such an easy and convenient way to entertain our kids so…

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In an era dominated by digital screens, it’s no surprise that many of us find ourselves tethered to our devices, juggling emails, social media, and endless streams of information. From sun-up to sun-down many of us are surrounded by screens. While technology has undoubtedly transformed our lives, the constant connectivity can take a toll on…

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Embarking on the uphill journey of personal leadership draws intriguing parallels with the challenges faced by mountaineers scaling towering peaks. I’ve found a lot of synergies between my Everest and Denali ascents and the realities of life. Beyond the breathtaking vistas and physical demands, the lessons learned from mountaineering offer profound insights into self-discovery, resilience,…

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Business travel can be a great opportunity to expand professional horizons, visit interesting places, and forge new connections. As a professional speaker I have had a chance to visit some incredible places and meet so many interesting people. However, the demands of work coupled with the challenges of being away from home and the stress…

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