Interactive Workshops

Workshop delivery models

All of Alan’s topics can also be delivered as an interactive workshop instead of a traditional presentation. This is a very popular option for groups that would like the audience to get involved in discussing and sharing their own thoughts and ideas. This makes for a very productive learning environment, and often participants can learn from each other with Alan facilitating the group discussions.

First Model

In this model, Alan separates the presentation and workshop portions. This is the most popular model and is very effective.

In the first half, Alan delivers a presentation that sets the groundwork for the material that will be discussed.

This gets everyone excited and inspired to learn and discuss the material in more detail. A popular option is to have the presentation portion in the morning, then a break for lunch, followed by the workshop portion in the afternoon.

The workshop portion is filled with discussion questions and short activities that continuously refer back to the material that Alan shares during the presentation portion.

Alan's Ropes Activity

Second Model

In this model, the workshop discussion questions and short activities are spread throughout the allotted time slot.

Alan presents the material for a specific focus or subject and facilitates a short discussion before moving on to the next subject in the workshop.

Alan's Ropes Demonstration

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Some of the underlying themes and learning objectives for Alan’s presentations and workshops

  • Improving Communication Effectiveness and Overcoming Communication Barriers
  • Developing a Stronger Level of Trust in Professional Relationships
  • Effective Methods of Dealing with Conflict and Adversity
  • Understanding Personality, Individual Difference and the Importance of Diverse Thinking
  • Influencing our External and Internal Focus and Attention
  • The Importance of a Strong Commitment, Resilience and Perseverance
  • Strategic Planning, Critical Thinking and Effective Decision Making
  • Improving Mental Health and Emotional Intelligence
  • Risk Identification and Response Strategies for Safe and Successful Results
  • Initiating, Managing and Embracing Change in Innovative and Productive Ways
  • Gaining Alignment and Improving Team Dynamics in the Workplace
  • Agile and Adaptive Practices in Leadership and Project Management
  • Innovation, Creativity and Stepping Outside of Our Comfort Zones
  • Inspiration to take on the next Challenge in our Projects, Businesses and Personal Lives

“The feedback from our leaders has been incredible! Thank you again for your inspiring keynote last week.”

Kim Hickling

HR Analyst – Performance Management | The City of Barrie

Alan - Climbing

Building Trust

Alan’s dynamic workshops on building trust highlight the tools and essential steps that are involved in developing a level of trust in professional relationships. This is the foundation of effective teamwork and collaborative, transparent work environments.

Learning Objectives:

  • The importance and advantages of building trust
  • Fostering an environment that encourages trust development
  • Strategies, tools, and techniques for building trust
  • Gaining team member alignment and commitment
  • Open and transparent communication without placing blame
Alan - Speaking

Coaching & Motivation

Motivating and developing others is an art that requires a unique skill set and the adaptation of various techniques. For leaders and managers, coaching skills are essential in order to effectively identify strengths, transfer knowledge, and empower others.

Learning Objectives:

  • The importance and impact of coaching for teams and individuals
  • Tools and techniques for motivating and engaging people
  • Effective coaching communication strategies
  • Distinguishing characteristics of outstanding coaches
  • Common coaching mistakes and how to avoid them
Alan - Presenting


Effective leadership in today’s society requires a shift in mentality to embrace more agile and collaborative approaches that empower people, leverage technology, instill confidence, and boost performance.

Learning Objectives:

  • Empowering your team and earning individual commitments
  • Agile practices and current global trends in effective leadership
  • Result-based vs. task-based leadership frameworks
  • Leading with integrity and making a positive, lasting impact
  • Innovation in leadership practices to drive purposeful change
Alan - Group Activity

Team Building

Developing healthy professional relationships between team members is essential for clarifying roles, breaking down barriers, gaining alignment on team goals, and collaborating to find innovative solutions.

Learning Objectives:

  • Building strong interpersonal relationships
  • Responding quickly and efficiently to issues that arise
  • Healthy competition and effective collaboration
  • Improving group morale and identifying individual strengths
  • Overcoming adversity and resolving interpersonal conflicts
Alan - Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Alan’s strategic planning programs focus on setting strategic goals, developing a clear vision of future outcomes, gaining alignment from individual contributors, and establishing the steps involved in achieving desired outcomes.

Learning Objectives:

  • Developing a comprehensive strategic plan
  • Setting priorities and focusing energy and resources
  • Adapting the strategic plan to environmental resources
  • Communicating the plan and gaining alignment from stakeholders
  • Creating a sustainable culture of commitment and implementation
Alan - Sales

Sales & Marketing

To win in today’s competitive marketplace, organizations have to embrace diverse marketing strategies, understand societal trends, and constantly create remarkable customer experiences centered around value, integrity, and relationships.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understanding customer expectations and changing mentalities
  • Creating a true customer experience with value and transparency
  • Selling with integrity and focusing on providing quality solutions
  • Expanding and innovating customer touchpoint opportunities
  • Overcoming objections and reframing opportunities
Alan - Business


Focusing on customer engagement, people-first management, boosting performance, and overcoming business challenges, Alan’s business programs have received tremendous feedback from corporate audiences in a wide range of industries.

Learning Objectives:

  • Current business trends and insights
  • Adapting to changes in workforce mentality and expectations
  • Putting people first, the foundation of performance and expectations
  • Essential steps in successful business planning and operation
  • Determining, understanding, and taking calculated risks
Alan - Family

Innovation & Critical Thinking

Innovation is what drives the world forward. Alan’s background is in innovation through custom machine design, and his programs on innovation are a unique combination of technical know-how, critical thought processes, and creative problem solving.

Learning Objectives:

  • Generating ideas and evaluating alternatives
  • Proactive strategies for advancement and initiating change
  • The innovation process from conceptualization to implementation
  • Strategies for developing unique solutions that create value
  • Agile innovation focuses on outcomes and customer needs
Alan - Talking

Organizational Development

Exploring the strategies and processes involved in shaping organizations for long-term success by creating work environments and policies that enrich employees’ lives, which in turn boosts productivity and organizational growth.

Learning Objectives:

  • Initiating organizational change and strategic development
  • Organic and mechanistic organizational structures
  • Adapting to complex, rapidly changing operating environments
  • Social responsibility and advancing social justice
  • Talent recruitment, training, and organizational cultures
Alan - Time Management

Time Management

In our busy lives, it often seems as though there is not enough time in the day. Learning and practicing time management strategies is key to reducing stress, boosting productivity, focusing energy, and making the most of the time we have.

Learning Objectives:

  • Limiting and controlling common distractions
  • Prioritization techniques and proven strategies
  • Technology for time management: advantages and challenges
  • Planning and facilitating effective and efficient meetings
  • Assessing activities to eliminate or delegate low-priority tasks
Alan - Communication


These popular programs are centered around effective communication strategies, overcoming communication barriers, clarity of information transfer, and the importance of creating an open and transparent communication culture.

Learning Objectives:

  • Transparency and integrity in the way we communicate
  • Identifying communication barriers and challenges early
  • Communication technology: the good, the bad, and the ugly
  • Two-way communication models and non-verbal communication
  • Managing formal and informal stakeholder communication
Alan - Students and Young Professionals

Students & Young Professionals

Education moves society forward, and our student leaders are at the forefront of shaping the future. Alan is committed to investing in the development of young people and empowering students of all levels to reach their full potential.

Learning Objectives:

  • Student leadership qualities and opportunities
  • Developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Finding your passion and making your voice count
  • Courage to stand out from the crowd and shape your own destiny
  • Setting ambitious goals in life and making them a reality
Alan - Health and Wellness

Health & Wellness

If we do not have our health, we do not have quality of life. It is often difficult to maintain good health in our busy lives, which is why it is so important to study, understand, and implement the strategies and lifestyles that promote health and wellbeing.

Learning Objectives:

  • Finding the right balance in life
  • Incorporating physical activity into our routine
  • Proper nutrition and healthy fueling habits
  • Understanding the impact of stress on our emotional health
  • Our immune system and the effects of sleep hydration
Alan - Climbing Ladder

Safety & Risk Management

Alan’s safety programs are not about avoiding risk altogether; they are about studying and thoroughly understanding the safety challenges so that risks can be identified, minimized, and controlled for safe and successful results.

Learning Objectives:

  • Safety planning, preparation, and establishing procedures
  • Agile practices in risk identification and management
  • Incorporating lessons learned and historical information
  • Contingency planning and developing response strategies
  • Root-cause analysis and preventative action
Alan - Climbing

Mental health

Mental health is one of the biggest challenges that we face in today’s society. Alan has had his own journey with mental health, and his programs combine personal experiences with research and insights to help others through their journeys.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identifying internal struggles and challenges
  • Mental health stigma and discrimination
  • Understanding stress, anxiety, and phobias
  • The influence of technology on mental health
  • Establishing a healthy, supportive environment
Alan - under Water

Athletics & Performance

Alan’s programs for athletics and competitive teams are fascinating sessions that explore the mental fortitude, physical endurance, personal commitment, and unwavering perseverance that winning athletes and championship teams exhibit.

Learning Objectives:

  • Self-motivation, visualization, and positive self-talk
  • Determination and resilience in overcoming obstacles
  • Controlling our focus and managing stress
  • Setting ambitious goals that stretch us beyond our combat zones
  • Conquering our own Everest, whatever that may be

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