Detoxing the Mind

Got an overloaded, stressed-out, maxed out monkey mind? Sounds like a mind detox may be in order! Let’s learn how to banish negative energy, kick guilt, anger, and drama to the curb, and start fresh with a more calm, focused way of thinking. After all, if we’re spending time working on cleansing our bodies, homes, and relationships, it only makes sense to see just what we can accomplish when our minds hit ‘refresh’.

Get out of ‘Dodge’

We all get overloaded from time to time, that’s just seems to be life in this century. However, when anxiety, worry, and stress build up, it’s essential to take a step back and regroup before it escalates out of control. Taking a step back can mean different things for different people. Perhaps we need to reduce our workload or number of hours at work, or start saying no more often in various areas of our lives. Getting away can be very therapeutic, as it takes us out of our chaos and helps us recharge. Take a vacation…and by vacation I don’t mean organizing something that will be stressful in the end. For me, I like to venture out on wilderness adventures to unwind but for many this type of vacation would not necessarily be therapeutic. Perhaps make it something soothing, with activities you enjoy such as swimming, hiking, meditating, or reading. Just don’t pack too much on the itinerary, and only bring along the people who incite calm, happy vibes. Self-care isn’t selfish, it’s survival.

Get a new perspective

When our minds get filled with negative energy, a lot of that is because we allowed ourselves to let that negative energy in, and like all toxins, the accumulation is where most of damage is done. Just as we let negative thoughts in, we can also work to replace them with positive thoughts and attitudes; we’re more in control than we think. It takes time and practice, and, like learning to do anything, it usually takes trial and error to get it right. For every negative thought we have, include or swap it out with a positive one. For example, saying “My house needs so much work I’ll never get it done”, can quickly be completed with “I’ve got this weekend free and at least I’ll get started”.  Before we know it, good thoughts are taking up more time and energy than the bad ones. It’s difficult, however, to work on having a happier mindset if we’re around toxic, negative people. Stepping away from those relationships is a necessary step to moving in a forward, joyful direction.

Strike a pose

I like yoga. I didn’t always give it much thought, but it’s terrific. It’s one of the few activities where we can focus on our bodies as well as our minds, and it has very calming, healing properties. Simply try yoga or meditating to help detox the mind. There’s no need to join an expensive studio or spend a fortune on new yoga attire, simply download or stream some videos, grab a book or DVD from the library, or talk to a friend who knows their stuff.

Put your mind to it

As I’ve mentioned before, it’s hard to accomplish a change or go in new, positive directions when we don’t feel confident. Working on our self-assurance will help reinforce what we like about ourselves, and help us keep focused about who we are and what our goals are. A lot of the mental toxins we deal with usually are a result of not living the life we envision, or trying to live up to standards that other people have set. We need to surround ourselves with positivity and personal nourishment. Surround ourselves with inspiration: notes, music, pictures, affirmations…and limit our exposure to negative people and media (including our social media feeds). If eating healthy, wholesome food keeps our bodies strong, then it only makes sense that filling our heads with mentally nourishing and self-improving content would keep our minds strong too.

“Seeking clarity is seeking connection with the universe. To connect is to understand; to be clear is to be enlightened.” – Annie Zalezsak