Working From Home & Staying Connected

What makes a workplace productive and what keeps a team functioning smoothly is strong communication. Now more than ever, as people are working from home, the way you and your team communicate is extremely important. Lucky for us, the world we live in is fueled by technology and instant information, making communication easy. The focus during this pandemic is physical separation, but not social separation. Even outside of work, communications technology is critical to connecting with our close family and friends to keep us sane during the quarantine. Here are just a few of the ways people are connecting through social media and other forms of communication to stay up to date and to keep in touch.

Email and instant messengers

Essential to keeping a workplace running smoothly, we have a wide variety of options when it comes to sending instant messages or emails to the people we want to connect with. Whether it’s a quick hello or project update, programs such as Slack are great for workplace communication. It’s important (especially as a team leader) to have a clear communication plan in place while everyone works from home. Touch in with everyone individually if possible once a day to ensure that everything is OK with them and that they are on track with their activities for the day. For close friends and family, social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are great ways to chat with one another and stay posted on any life updates.

Video conferences

Video conferencing services can be excellent for staying connected as well. What’s great about video chats is that it’s a bit more personal than sending a direct message to someone. It’s nicer to see a person’s face – not to mention it adds some extra human connection. For workplace conferences, Zoom is an efficient and easy to use program to host group meetings, whereas, for any friend or family group conversations, programs such as Skype or Houseparty are also great options to connect with people on. Houseparty even lets you host “watch parties” while everyone watches the same episode of their favourite show or movie.

Don’t forget the good old telephone

As old fashioned as the telephone may seem now to many, it’s still a classic way to get in touch with people quickly and efficiently. Remember, your cell phone can do more than just text!

While being quarantined, it’s difficult to not feel isolated and lonely, especially if you live alone. If you’re working from home and using any of these tools to communicate with people from work, don’t forget to contact the ones you love too for regular conversations. Social distancing doesn’t mean you stop socializing with the people who are important in your life. Although these tools are great for communicating at work, they’re even better tools for communicating with the ones you love most. If you’re feeling down about being quarantined, give your friend a call, schedule a video call with your siblings or parents, and don’t be afraid to check in on those around you. Remember, your physical health is important during this time, but so is your emotional health. Stay connected, stay healthy, and most importantly, stay home while still working toward reaching new heights.

“Communication works for those who work at it.” – John Powell