The Push for the Cumbre (Summit of the Americas)

With a bloated belly filled with the best 6-inch ham-cheese burger, fries, beer, and coke we sat in the sun, listening to 90’s rock feeling nearly human again, except that our clothes reeked (something like the Lipton’s soup mix we frequently consumed), our lips were weathered (leathery, cracked and caked in blistex that only seemed to contain the pain) and if we moved at all we felt creaky and broken……wait!!!???!! WHAT!!!????!!! Aren’t we supposed to be on a mountain????

Well here is the deal. Over the next few days we will be providing daily snapshots of the days and trials endured in our quest to summit the “Top of the Americas” and for Laura to complete her Seven Summits.

Stay tuned for each post and detail of the exhausting past few days.

Laura and Logan