Aconcagua Details

Info from Mom (Barbara Mallory):

The communication from the mountain is poor even in today’s technical society so I thought I would update you on what we think is happening according to Dan and Adam’s climb in 2000 and what I know about climbing mountains.

The mountaineering rules of thumb are:

  1. to ascend no more than 1000 to 1500 feet daily
  2. to climb high and sleep low
  3. to drink 5-6 litres of water daily
  4. to listen to your body – watch for headaches, nausea, bleeding and descend if unwell
  5. to watch the weather

When we last heard from Laura and Logan they were at Basecamp.  They would have rested there for 1 or two days taking short hikes.   They would then carry their gear to Camp 1, drop off their gear and descend to base camp to sleep.  They would then climb to Camp 1 and spend one or two nights there assuming they feel well.  They continue this process of climbing, dropping off gear, descending, sleeping, climbing to the next camp for camps 2 and 3.  Everything is health and weather dependent so they might descend to a lower camp if necessary.   I have not been following the weather conditions on the mountain but following the above process they should try their final ascent to the summit between Wednesday and the weekend.

Laura has summited 7 precious mountains and Logan is very strong both mentally and physically.  This will still be a challenge for them and a good test for their relationship.  Young love!!


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