Taking off – To the top of the bottom

A few hectic last few hours, gear spread across a shag carpeted floor.  Logan running from one idea to the next and Laura focused on the list in hand,  but with her mind creeping off to the seeming impossibility of getting all of this organized in time.

The inevitable rushing around and rash purchases aside we now sit cooly in the Pearson Airport terminal catching our breath on some swank pleather chairs,  imagining the possibilities…

When will Laura snap on Logan? Will they return happy with each other? How can they possibly run into trouble like a swim in Lake Como?

A month of time ahead, but it will be gone before we know it we are both aware. We cannot say thank you enough to the so many countless family and friends who are supporting us in this great adventure. It is something beyond what Logan has ventured before and it is the culmination of so many other adventures for Laura.

We will do our best to keep you (whoever you are) informed of each of the steps of our journey. A lengthy flight through Atlanta, Buenos Aires and on to Mendoza awaits. Looking forward to the tomato juice and salted pretzels.

Logan and Laura

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  1. Have a series of safe flights! I like the up-side-down photo for South America. Wait till you flush the toilet there! – the water swirls the opposite direction (or so I’ve been told). Of course you won’t have toilets for most of the time so no worries..

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