Finding the Right Balance

Life is all about finding the right balance. To live a rewarding life we need a good mix of adventure, relaxation, work and play. We have to stimulate our emotional side, physical senses and challenge ourselves mentally. To much of any one activity or focus is unhealthy.

When most of us are doing what we would consider work, we’re wishing that we could retire and have a life of pure leisure. I can remember back in high school and university though when I would be finished school and waiting for a summer job to start, I would often be bored sick of the leisure and driving myself crazy. I couldn’t want to start work during those time periods. We need to have something to put our effort into.

Of course overworking is not good either. My challenge is fitting in the periods of relaxation and personal reflection as I am very driven at tasks I put my mind to so I find it hard to let myself relax. I’ve often gotten very burnt out though because of this and it often leads to undesirable physical manifestations as well – sickness, frustration, anger and exhaustion.

When I get too caught up in any one activity, I have to take a step back and remember the life balance. When achieved, it leads to a state of well-being and overall a happier life. Have you found the right balance?