The Family that Conquered Everest

Climbing Mount Everest is considered one of mankind’s greatest feats of human endurance. The grueling expedition to the top of the world’s highest peak is a journey filled with unparalleled physical and mental challenges.

In 2008, Alan Mallory and his family took on the challenge and became the first family of four to set foot on the summit. It was a two-month journey filled with emotion, loyalty, boldness and terror. The experiences the team encountered during the expedition were as incredible as they were terrifying. From staggering across ladders spanning bottomless crevasses and fighting the many altitude-related sicknesses to climbing through a blizzard in the dead of night and two of them almost losing their lives forever, every segment of the climb was an exhilarating challenge.

Alan is the author of The Family that Conquered Everest. Richly illustrated with photos from the expedition and other outdoor exploits, the book is a fast-paced and engaging adventure story that also highlights the lifestyle and family values that prepared the Mallory family for success. Their unique journey has mesmerized and inspired families and individuals around the world and this book brings the adventure to life in a whole new way.

Alan’s mother was climbing along with the rest of the team at the onset but unfortunately had a fall above Base Camp and tore her Achilles tendon, resulting in her having to abandon her climb and return to civilization for medical attention and recovery.

The book is much more than an exciting adventure though. It is also very inspirational from the standpoint of family success and family togetherness. Throughout the book, Alan explores and explains the many family adventures and dynamics that prepared them to take on such a challenge together.

The underlying messages throughout the book are about personal development and finding the spark within each of us that drives us to do the things we do. By controlling our focus and concentrating on the things we are most passionate about, we are capable of accomplishing great things. It is our own reservations and limiting beliefs about ourselves that hold us back. If we can overcome these self-imposed limitations, there is nothing that we cannot overcome.

It has many sections on how and why the Mallory family was successful as well as the family’s dynamics, their inner struggles and values, and Alan’s personal thoughts and ideas on a range of topics relating to leadership and personal development. Above all the book is about working together to achieve a common goal and hightlights the importants of strong family values, solid team dynamics and living your dream!

Alan has also included a number of short sections from each of the other family members. Each of the family members had different thoughts and experiences on the mountain and different points of view so this adds a unique perspective to the book.

The book is available at Rocky Mountain Books (, Chapters, Coles, Indigo, Barnes & Noble,, and many independent bookstores. To arrange for a book personally signed by Alan or by the entire Mallory family, send Alan and email at


One of the best chronicles on climbing Everest I’ve ever read. Whatever your life’s goals may be, The Family That Conquered Everest is a story of courage and inspiration for anyone who wants to see their dreams come true.
– Jamie Hall | CHAY Today Morning Host

“I have read Alan’s book cover to cover AND experienced his presentation first hand.  Believe me!  If you think that the presentation was spectacular, wait until you read the book!  The vivid detail in the book captures your imagination and makes you feel like you are right there with Alan’s family gasping for every breath but soldering on to the triumphant finish. It made me think of how trivial most of our everyday challenges really are in comparison.  Inspiration to the power of 10 –  Share it with a friend.”
– Bob Laing

“Your story was very exciting from start to finish. I couldn’t put it down as I journeyed with your family through some of the most difficult passage ways and climbs.   Many times I found myself holding my breath, making sure that you all succeeded through and in the end conquered your ultimate goal, Everest. Your courage and strength are an inspiration to myself and I’m sure, many others. Thank you for showing such a great example of what a family can do together if they have trust and love for each other.”
 Liz Krause

“Just finished your book. It was gripping, exhilarating and inspiring from beginning to end”
Laura Walsh

“Thoroughly enjoyed the entire read. At time felt like I was with them on this incredible test of physical and emotional preserving. The personal sidebars by the family members made it so real. Everyone can benefit from the numerous life lessons demonstrated in this book”
 Review from by Gary Meger

“Terrific book! At first I was a bit skeptical because I thought the entire book would be strictly about climbing and might get a little boring at some point however the author does a great job balancing the climbing aspect with other parts such as past family experiences, story told through another family member’s eyes, leadership and motivational stories. The author really captures the mood of their climb, takes the reader with them to the summit and back and makes you open your eyes to realize that life should not be taken for granted. I especially enjoyed the last several pages about what qualities are essential for a close knit family to stay and grow together. Job well done!”
 Review from by V. Farian

“I greatly enjoyed this books account of the adventures and challenges of climbing Everest. The book also gave an interesting account of travelling through Kathmandu to Lukla and the initial trek to base camp and has inspired me to at least make the trek to base camp in my lifetime. Further to learning more about Everest from book I also took away some positive ideas and morals on how to raise my kids to form a tight knit, ambitious and happy family.”
 Review from by Coops

“Wasn’t sure i would enjoy a book about climbing a mountain, as I am afraid of heights and hate being cold, but so glad i did. In fact I read it in 2 days because I had too see how this family conquered Everest! Allan takes the reader with him on every step up that mountain, and the little tales from past family adventures are wonderful! The “scuba” machine was the best! As a parent myself, I can only imagine the roller coaster of emotions Mr Mallory went through doing this with his children. I think my favorite thing was what Laura leaves at each summit she conquers! You go girl!”
 Review from by Lisa

“Fantastic Read! I heard of this book from both friends and family and thought that I would give it a read, and I am so happy I did! What an an incredible adventure told in a real life manner. Such an inspiring story of a Canadian family and their adventure of a lifetime, and the truths and lessons they discovered and learned along the way. Highly recommended!”
 Review from

“Amazing Story. This book was thoroughly enjoyable. The Mallory Family is a true testament to success and making a dream become a reality, what an inspiration!”
 Review from by Emily