About Alan Mallory

Alan is an international speaker, author and performance coach who is passionate about leadership and reaching new heights in all that we do! His unique philosophy of life revolves around empowering people and embracing an agile mentality focused on goals and results. By understanding what drives and motivates us, we are able to cultivate more innovative and effective ways of thinking and taking action. Alan holds a degree in engineering from Queen’s University and a masters in psychology from Adler University, giving him a well-balanced approach to the outer and inner challenges we all face. Alan has worked internationally with large organizations as a professional engineer and project manager developing patents and solutions to complex challenges in the mining and metals industry. Living and working abroad has given him the opportunity to deepen his understanding of individual and team challenges, better appreciate cultural diversity and successfully adapt to different organizational structures. Building experience through a lifestyle of adventure and challenge, in the spring of 2008 Alan embarked on the journey of a lifetime and set a world record on Mount Everest along with three members of his immediate family. It was a two-month expedition through some of the most exciting yet terrifying conditions imaginable and their success demanded an unwavering perseverance and resilience in the face of adversity. Alan delivers a number of exciting presentations and training programs designed to help individuals, team members and organizations reach new heights in the way we think and the actions we take in order to achieve breakthrough performance.

December 2019

Going the Extra Mile in Our Daily Lives

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I talk a lot about setting goals and reaching new heights; it’s not just my job, it’s something I’m passionate about and excited to share and experience with others. One of things I hear often from people is that they want to make a difference and contribute to a positive environment, not just in the [...]

Going the Extra Mile – What it Means & Why it Makes a Difference

By |2019-12-05T19:41:32+00:00December 5th, 2019|Human Performance, Leadership, Personal Growth|

Imagine your surgeon telling you she did an “OK job” on the operation, or a contractor saying that the furnace installation is “good enough”. We’d all be pretty shocked and upset at the lack of effort for something so important. Yet, for many things in life, we tend to settle for ‘good enough’ far too [...]

November 2019

Finding a Holistic Approach to Stress Management

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When we’re stressed out, we often think that a vacation, a long walk or perhaps some ‘me time’ is all we need to hit refresh and feel better. However, much of our stress is actually made worse because of our inability to understand it and manage it at its core; the patterns keep repeating and [...]

Stress & its Psychological & Emotional Impacts

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It’s hard to say NO to many of life’s demands, and we often end up taking on way too much and becoming far more flustered and overwhelmed than we should. As a result, the stress that builds up starts to impact our psychological and emotional well-being. While a little bit of stress is a great [...]

Stress & Our Bodies: The High Price We Pay

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Stress is indeed complicated, but the good news is that it is manageable. For many of us, stress takes its toll on us physically, and before we know it, we’re run down, aching, sore and sick, on TOP of being stressed out. There are very clear physical effects from being stressed out, and complications too [...]

Stressed-Out! Understanding & Managing Stress

By |2019-11-07T16:53:52+00:00November 7th, 2019|Human Performance, Personal Growth|

We sure are one stressed-out society, and it’s only getting worse. High-stress levels cause physical and mental health crises, lost jobs, and strained relationships…just to name a few. That’s why we’re going to get up close and personal talking about managing stress in this month’s blog series, because as you know, once we understand something [...]